10 Essential Tips for Mastering Super Bomberman 2 Gameplay on SNES

Embarking on the Super Bomberman 2 Gameplay Journey

The iconic Super Bomberman 2, a gem from the glorious days of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), captivated gamers with its perfect blend of strategy and action upon its 1994 release. This guide delves into the heart of Super Bomberman 2 gameplay, providing an in-depth exploration of its characters, levels, and the tactics required to conquer this enduring classic.

Grasping the Essence of Super Bomberman 2 Gameplay

The sequel in the esteemed Bomberman series for SNES, Super Bomberman 2, presents players with five distinct worlds teeming with unique challenges and adversaries. Each world houses several stages that progressively test your strategic acumen.

In this strategic game, players must place bombs ingeniously to obliterate obstacles and vanquish enemies. As each stage is cleared, players advance through the worlds, aiming to ultimately vanquish the formidable Five Dastardly Bombers.

The Art of Bombing: Gameplay Mechanics Decoded

The gameplay mechanics in Super Bomberman 2 are straightforward yet immersive. You control the Bomberman character, navigating the grid-based levels and setting bombs. These explosives detonate after a brief delay, annihilating any destructible obstacles within their range.

Beware though, as Bomberman is susceptible to his bomb’s detonation if he fails to retreat in time. Furthermore, enemies wandering the levels pose an ongoing threat, as bumping into them costs a life.

Power-ups: Supercharge Your Gameplay

Scattered throughout the levels, players can discover various power-ups concealed within destructible obstacles. These power-ups augment Bomberman’s abilities, permitting him to set more bombs at once, amplify his bombs’ blast radius or acquire novel abilities such as kicking or tossing bombs.

Significant power-ups comprise the Bomb-Up, which escalates the number of bombs Bomberman can set, and the Fire-Up, which extends the blast radius of the bombs. Deploying these power-ups efficiently is vital to mastering Super Bomberman 2 gameplay.

The Heroes and Villains: Characters Explained

The central hero in Super Bomberman 2 is Bomberman, a bomb-manufacturing robot. After being abducted by the Five Dastardly Bombers, he must traverse various worlds to defeat them and attain freedom.

The Five Dastardly Bombers, the primary antagonists, each represent a world’s final boss and possess unique abilities that make them daunting adversaries. These include Magnet Bomber, Golem Bomber, Pretty Bomber, Brain Bomber, and Plasma Bomber.

Strategies: Winning Tactics

Triumphing in Super Bomberman 2 necessitates strategic foresight and rapid decision-making. Here are some tactics that can assist players in maneuvering through the game:

  1. Smart Power-up Use: Power-ups can dramatically enhance your gameplay. However, some power-ups can be risky if mismanaged. For instance, a high bomb count can result in self-trapping if not handled cautiously.

  2. Study Enemy Movements: Each enemy has a distinct movement pattern. By studying these patterns, you can anticipate their moves and efficiently trap them with your bombs.

  3. Design Your Escape: Always strategize an escape path before setting a bomb. This tactic will help you evade being caught in your bomb’s explosion.

  4. Master Bomb Kicking and Throwing: These abilities, gained through power-ups, can grant you a significant edge, especially during boss fights. Practice these skills to enhance your gameplay.


With its compelling gameplay mechanics, diverse power-ups, unforgettable characters, and demanding levels, Super Bomberman 2 on SNES remains a classic that continues to enchant players. By grasping the game’s complexities and mastering the tactics outlined in this guide, players can confidently traverse Super Bomberman 2’s worlds and emerge victorious against the Five Dastardly Bombers.

Super Bomberman 2 gameplay

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