The Comprehensive Review: Final Fantasy VII Remake for PS5


There’s more than just nostalgia when we talk about Final Fantasy VII Remake for PS5. This isn’t just about reliving those glory days of our youth; it’s about seeing how a beloved classic has been reimagined for the next generation.

Section 1: Gameplay and Mechanics

The gameplay in the Final Fantasy VII Remake on PS5 delivers a captivating blend of strategic planning and real-time action. Players are required to understand the enemy’s attack style and devise a suitable counter-strategy. The fine-tuned ATB system rewards players for their tactical decisions, encouraging them to play more strategically.

Real-time action plays a crucial role in the Final Fantasy VII Remake for PS5’s gameplay mechanics, giving players the opportunity to feel each strike, spell, and skill in a visceral and immediate way. The tactical pause option enables a more refined control of the character’s actions allowing you to approach every situation strategically, solidifying the gameplay as the perfect fusion of action-packed sequences and tactics-oriented gameplay.

Section 2: Graphics and Visuals

The Final Fantasy VII Remake on PS5 showcases breathtaking visuals. Lighting and textures have been significantly improved, turning the dystopian world of Midgar into a living, breathing urban nightmare. The game’s character models have also been reworked, adding new dimensions to beloved characters, making them even more lifelike and relatable to players.

Section 3: Storytelling

The storytelling in the Final Fantasy VII Remake on PS5 is profound and complex, providing a compelling narrative that successfully revisits the original plot while injecting fresh elements. This remake doesn’t just retell the old story, it reimagines it in a way that feels both nostalgic and entirely new at once. The story unravels at an intense pace, keeping players glued to their screens as they experience nuanced character development and complex relationships.

Section 4: Sound and Music

The game’s soundtrack holds its own next to its gameplay and visuals. The soundtrack is a masterful mix of remastered classics and bold new tracks. Overall, the audio experience in the Final Fantasy VII Remake on PS5 is certainly one that will captivate the hearts of long-time fans and newcomers alike.

Section 5: Additional Features and Changes

In addition to enhanced technical performance, the Final Fantasy VII Remake for PS5 also introduces new features that were not available in the previous version. The introduction of new difficulty modes, additional camera options, and some unseen storyline sequences bring added layers of depth, broadening the appeal of the game to a more diverse range of players.


In conclusion, the Final Fantasy VII Remake on PS5 is more than just a retread through old ground. It takes a revered classic, infuses it with modern, cutting-edge technology, and reworks the mechanics and story to create a game that feels both fresh and deeply rooted in its source material. It’s a love letter to the original and an evolution of the RPG genre.

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